First away landing – Oxford

I’m writing this a long time after the event, as I just noticed that I never wrote this up, and I don’t want to miss anything off!

This flight was my first ever land away, and was part of my preparation for nav and local area solo. We flew into the local area and started to recognise local objects, reading ground to map (with a rough idea of where we were). Then we started radioing Oxford, requesting QDM – (asking them to give us a heading to fly towards them), simulated being lost. This works quite well and we landed at Oxford, followed by a private jet! After paying the landing fee we then headed back to Wycombe, on the way back we used radio nav equipment to fix our location. I then had to do some PFLs, before we landed back at wycombe.

1.7 hours in G-WACU with Edwards. 26.8 hours done!

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