Back in the cockpit after too long!

Back in the skies

So it was great to be back at Cranfield at 8.30am on a Sunday so I could hit the skies again! It was just like riding a bicycle! Since it’s been a while we did some simple stuff to get my brain back into the cockpit. We did a couple of basic circuits (20kt headwind down the runway made sure my landings were nice and smooth!)

Then we did EFATO, low level circuit, a high glide and my final landing was meant to be a spot landing.

The high glide I messed up – I did not plan properly for the wind so ended up making the runway only thanks to some very generous engine warming by the instructor, and a tight turn to land after intercepting the runway from the side!

The spot landing was also pretty poor, again the wind just meant the plane was so slow… the instructor reckons I could have stretched the glide to make my spot, but I was getting very slow so I let the plane down onto the tarmac about 20m ahead of my spot. Will try harder next time!

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