Ex 17 Precautionary Landings and Local Area Familiarisation

Local Area map high wycombe

Must remember this!

29th of April I was due to fly (and miss out on watching the royal wedding on TV.. what a shame!)
Unfortunately a low cloud base meant we could not get into the local area, so we stayed on the ground and I got to see the royal wedding after all – hurrah…

So on the 30th I went up and the weather was better – we flew into the local area and I learned to do

a precautionary landing. These are quite fun to do actually, a bit like a forced landing but you have power so you get to fly down to 500′ and browse your intended field, then do a downwind and approach it. We also did some forced landings.

One main part we looked at which is quite important is leaning the local area – soon I will be doing local area solo so I need to make sure I don’t get lost. The map section on the right is the area I need to learn.

0.9 hours in g-wace with McGeoghan. We did ex 17, precautionary landings, forced landings, local area familiarisation and practise pans. Total hours flown so far = 24

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