New School, airport, instructor and plane! And first flight for 12 months!

Today was my first time back in the air for a long time! It was very good to be back up!

I’ve switched from Wycombe Air Centre, to Cranfield Flying School. It’s much cheaper, and so I am hoping to finish by PPL this summer! The only down side is the hour drive to get there!

There were no Cessna 152’s available, so I took my lessons in a PA 28, which was a nice plane to fly, and the differences were not as bad as I imagined.

After a very long wait to take-off, we few North and started practising around Santa Pod. It was basic handling revision, with medium level turns, tight turns, stalls in various configurations. We then did practise forced landings. The was I was taught these was much better, with a very useful ‘cone’ technique.

The local area at Cranfield is much easier to find your way around, lots of landmarks such as this Milton Keynes snow dome, and some wind farms.

After exploring some fields, we headed back down the M1 to Cranfield and did a touch and go, then some high glides, and finally landed completing 2.3 hours – my longest lesson yet but it didn’t seem to bad!

2.3 hours in G-RIZZ with Humphrey. 29.1 hours done – 15.9 to go! I need to do my Nav exam!!!

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