Ex 19 – Basic Instrument Flying, wearing the foggles!


Foggles, very stylish.

I feel pretty dizzy and exhausted after today’s lesson. Got to wear these very exciting foggles which restrict your vision so all you can see is the instruments – no looking out the window today!

After trying to do some maneuvers with my eyes closed, and realising how impossible that is, we started doing maneuvers where I could see the instruments.

It was quite confusing at first, and required a lot of concentration!

Then we covered the DI, and I had to turn onto specific headings without the DI or compass using ‘rate 1 turns’ – this is pretty accurate which is useful to know in case for some reason I fly into cloud and the DI fails… I guess it’s all safety first!

After I took the foggles off I was treated to 2 PFLs on the way back to the airfield and had a nice crosswind for the landing. All in all a busy busy hour with some very confusing sensations thanks to the foggles!

1.1 hours in g-wacb with McGeoghan. We did ex 19, Basic Instrument flying, as well as some more PFL. Total hours flown so far = 25.1 – (19.9 to go!!)

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